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Add Your Own Channel

The WorldRelay Tuner can be used to access linear, live and on-demand audio and video content. Broadcasters, individuals, and organizations are invited to have their own live or on-demand tunable channels, provided that some general and technical requirements are met.

The content must be family friendly and in good taste. It must also comply with copyright rights.

For maximum compatibility with TV boxes and tablets, we support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) format with H.264 encoding, Baseline Profile 3.0 and AAC audio encoding. We recommend video bit rates of 600 Kbps or better. HLS Adaptive Bit Rates are supported. We are not compatible with Adobe Flash streaming.

We support Shoutcast Internet radio streaming in MP3 format and recommend bit rates of 96 Kbps or better. We also support Vimeo-hosted video-on-demand (VOD).

WorldRelay can also help organizations, businesses, and affinity groups create our own tunable micro-channels.

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Channel Number
Channel Name / Focus
997674   Ibiza
Internet Radio Other None
997678 Beirut Nights

Information: Beirut Nights is a Live Lebanese Internet Radio playing Eurodance, French, Arabic and Mediterenean music. http://www.beirutnights.com
Website: http://www.beirutnights.com
  Beirut Nights
Eurodance Remixes
Internet Radio Science & Tech None
997681 FRISKY Radio

Information: FRISKY is a groundbreaking curated electronic music internet radio and DJ mix subscription service. With the largest collection of exclusive, human-curated electronic music DJ mixes from the world’s top DJs, FRISKY connects you to the music and DJs you love. http://www.friskyradio.com
Website: http://www.friskyradio.com
  FRISKY Radio
Dance, EDM
Internet Radio Other None
997804 GotRadio Global Village

Information: Traditional instrumentation and music from all over the globe. This station will open your eyes and your mind!
Website: http://www.gotradio.com
  GotRadio Global Village
World Music
Internet Radio Science & Tech English
997840 GotRadio Celtic Crossing

Information: Blending traditional and new celtic artists for a soothing celtic channel.
Website: http://www.gotradio.com
  GotRadio Celtic Crossing
Internet Radio Science & Tech English
997872 Byblos Radio

Information: Byblos Radio is a Live Lebanese Internet Radio playing Eurodance, French, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Turkish and other Mediterenean music.
Website: http://www.ByblosRadio.com
  Byblos Radio
Eurodance Mediterenean
Internet Radio Other None
997940 3ABN Radio Network

Information: Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN, is an American nonprofit television and radio network broadcasting Christian and health-oriented programming, based in West Frankfort, Illinois. 3ABN is available through the United States, with an expanded international audience. It is an independent non-denominational ministry; however, it supports the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. www.3abnradio.org
Website: www.3abnradio.org
  3ABN Radio Network
Broadcast Radio Religious English
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